On April 4, 2024, the National Association of State Treasurers’ ABLE State Program Network (ASPN) hosted a webinar focused on Social Security Benefits and ABLE accounts, specifically representative payees and reporting to the SSA. Click here for a recording of the webinar: www.abletoday.org/ssa.

Below is additional information related to SSA benefits and ABLE accounts:

In general, most SSA reporting requirements for ABLE accounts are basic and minimal. If an ABLE enrollee receives Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) benefits, SSA asks that they report the opening and closing dates of their ABLE account to SSA. They should also tell SSA if their ABLE account balance ever exceeds $100,000. In a few instances (discussed further in the webinar), a particular ABLE withdrawal or deposit should also be reported to SSA but those situations are not common for most ABLE account holders.

If ABLE enrollees have questions about reporting ABLE account information to SSA, they should contact their local SSA field office.
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