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Investment Options

When you enroll in the Program, you will need to select investment options for your Account funds. Choosing your Account investments takes planning. You need to consider your savings goals, risk tolerance, investment objectives, and select Investment Options suitable to your investment needs. The Investment Options section of the Program Disclosure Statement helps you to understand the types of Investment Options offered under the Program and the risks involved in investing in such Investment Options.

The Program offers four different Investment Options. Three are Managed Allocation Options and one is a Bank Option.

Managed Allocation Options:

  • Aggressive Allocation Option
  • Moderate Allocation Option
  • Moderately Conservative Allocation Option

Bank Option:

  • Bank Savings Account Option

The Managed Allocation Options’ underlying mutual funds invest in the following asset classes:

  • All Cap U.S. Equity
  • All Cap Non-U.S. Equity
  • Core Fixed Income
  • Bank Loans

You may allocate your contributions to one of the Investment Options, or you may choose to allocate your contributions to more than one Investment Option. Please be aware that you can transfer your money from your current Investment Option(s) to another Investment Option(s) only twice per calendar year.

Designated Beneficiaries should periodically assess and, if appropriate, adjust their investment choices with their time horizon, risk tolerance, and investment objectives in mind. Future contributions to your Account are not limited to your initial Investment Option elections.

After you have enrolled, you may change your Investment Option election(s) by:

  • Choosing additional Investment Options for future contributions;
  • Stopping contributions to an existing Investment Option; or
  • Transferring funds in your Account, subject to the twice-yearly limits, to other Investment Options.

If you choose to change your Investment Option selections, change your allocations, or stop your contributions to any Investment Option, you may do so online.

Investment Performance

Performance information for the Investment Options is not shown at this time because The Program’s Investment Options are new as of the date of the Program Disclosure Statement. Current performance information will be available on the Program’s website at after the Investment Options have twelve months of performance information. When performance is shown it will not be indicative of future results. Your investment results may be better or worse. You should review the Investment Options section of the Program Disclosure Statement carefully before making your selections.